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Employment Type Locum
Date Added Jun 22nd, 2023
Location Seattle, Washington
Locums - Seattle, WA
1. During week in the heme program: two types of “call” coverage (in addition to clinic)
A. Doc of week (dow) - one md each week designated to round in hospital (with apc support) to see FACT patients (cell therapy, transplant), support inpt apcs with heme consults (apcs see primarily dow discusses/reviews), and support to clinic/inpatient teams with any issues for pts of partner MDs when they are away. Clinic usually reduced by ~50% when DOW. This would be once every 4 weeks or so (rotating with myself, livia, dan). 

B. Each night from mon-thurs one heme doc covers calls for heme inpt and outpts from 5pm to 8am next day.  Each doc covers just one night/week. Call volume is 0-5 calls/night can be managed from home. 

2.  Weekend call: 1 in 12 pooled weekend call with solid tumor docs. Cover weekend rounding for SCI inpts (66% heme, 33% solid onc) and inpatient heme/onc consults for First Hill and Cherry hill. Also cover outpatient calls in evening (apc usually covers during daytime sat/sun) until Mon 8am and be available to cover treatment center calls (apc in tc most weekends, so backup call).  If solid tumor doc is on rounding call one designated Heme physician asked to be available as telephone resource to rounding solid tumor doctor if ?s regarding heme inpts/consults arise. 
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