About Medical Search

Medical Search International Mission Statement

Medical Search is a premier search firm for the health care industry that specializes in temporary or “Locum Tenens” staffing and permanent placement of physicians and other healthcare professionals.  We offer clients and candidates services that promote excellence in healthcare by redefining the recruitment process.

At Medical Search we are dedicated to using multiple resources and methods to promote our candidates and locate the ideal opportunity that each healthcare provider may be looking for.  Our criteria based matching system is designed to create a perfect fit and allow us to retain both clients and physicians while building up a long term relationship to ensure future business.

Locum Tenens and Allied Health Staffing

Locum, short for the Latin phrase locum tenens ( “place holder,”) is a person who temporarily fulfils the duties of another. For example, a Locum Tenens physician will coverWoman Walking Across Street or fill in for another physician who is either absent or otherwise unable to fulfill his/her shift(s). Locum Tenens is also another way that a hospital can bring a physician on for a working interview. Before the hospital blindly signs a contract with a physician, we offer them a way they can try the candidate out on a temporary basis to see if it is a good fit.  If the temporary or Locum Tenens assignment goes well, the hospital can feel more confident about offering the physician a permanent contract.  This allows both the physician and the hospital an opportunity to ensure that it is a good match for both parties.  This proves wise for allied health positions as well.

History of Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens staffing is not a new concept.  The industry was founded back in 1979 by a University of Utah Medical student who came up with the idea to help out in underserved areas or other areas that might otherwise have a difficult time recruiting good physicians on a permanent basis.  In addition to this it was also discovered that there was a need in these same communities to provide help to the physicians working full time that needed to take time off for continuing medical education (CME) or just to take that much needed vacation.

In the last 33 years this industry has grown from a service provided to small rural communities to something that you will find in virtually every major metropolitan city. Locum tenens has become a viable option for many hospitals and medical centers that are growing and can’t keep up with the high patient demand and the ongoing physician shortage.  There are several reasons for a physician to practice medicine this way.  First, Locum Tenens allows a physician the opportunity to try out many different clients and areas before settling down on a permanent basis.  Most medical students and residents don’t learn about different types of medical practices, so when they finish residency it’s difficult to know where to go.  With Locum Tenens it gives them the option and experience to make a more educated decision.

Another reason a physician might chose the Locum’s lifestyle is for ease and flexibility to work when and where you want. This is ideal for that person that wants to travel and see different parts of the country.  These positions are anywhere from Alaska to Florida, New York City to Park City.  Basically any place at anytime may need to use Locum Tenens, and by working as a Locum Tenens physician you are able to experience it all.  This often means that young, mobile physicians who can uproot themselves for a few months or a year at a time are good candidates for this type of lifestyle.  However, these types of physicians aren’t the only ones that benefit from doing locums work.  With today’s current economic situation we are finding that more and more physicians are not able to retire.  But at the same time these physicians don’t want to work full time.  We are able to offer these physicians opportunities where they can still work and still travel as much or as little as they would like.  This is a huge benefit for these physicians and at the same time our clients are getting good experienced physicians that have been practicing medicine for upwards of 30 years and beyond.

Woman Arms CrossedThe benefit of using an agency such as Medical Search International is that we will find these opportunities for these physicians and we will do all of the leg work for them.  We will assist and pay for new state licenses and we will arrange and take care of all of the housing and travel for these assignments at no cost to the physician.  We also cover the malpractice insurance for the physicians which can run as much as $20,000-$80,000 per year for some providers.

Many of today’s working physicians are part of the “Baby Boomer” generation and are only going to be able to practice for a few more years.  Once these physicians are no longer able to practice on a full time basis there are going to be shortages at these hospitals and clinics.  During this time period, we will see an influx in clients that are going to be recruiting and needing to utilize Locum Tenens services to keep up with the patient load and growing demand of good healthcare services.

In addition to Locum Tenens staffing, we are also a full scale permanent recruiting agency that is dedicated to finding the most qualified and best candidates for our clients that need assistance in their recruiting efforts.  There is such a high demand for permanent physicians that just about any hospital we contact in the United States is feeling the shortage of well qualified physicians.  Therefore, these hospitals turn to recruiting agencies such as Medical Search International to help identify the perfect candidate.  We will work with these clients and use our resources to contact more candidates than the average hospital or recruiting agency can.